School introduction

Vocational education in Järvamaa has been characterized through the decades by love of engineering, technology and farming. Today school carries the traditions fitting to the 21st century. In particular, it is characterized by the values of what we carry and what we want to pass to our students.
We have many modern workshops and we are constantly renewing and expanding our premises.

We are open, competent and level-headed. In our opinion these are the three words which characterize the subsequent decades. Open, competent and level-headed people are viable and together they form a successful team. We consider our challenge to help people getting approved at every level: a good citizen, a good worker, a good partner and a good parent.

Our school has a wide variety of specialities. Everybody can make his choice here.
One of the required skills on the 21st century is flexibility. In our case this means, you can have at Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre besides the traditional study forms also part-time study or individual study.