Modernisation of Barda Vocational Lyceum

Contracting Authority: European Commission

 Modernizing Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centres in Azerbaijan

Title of the action:

Modernization of Barda Vocational Lyceum 

Name of the lead applicant

Local Governance Assistance Public Union (LGA)

The overall objective of this action is to “modernize vocational education and training in Barda Vocational Lyceum (BVET) by enhancing quality, equality, relevance and access in line with European standards and practices”.

Specific objectives of this action are:
1. Build institutional and organizational capacity of BVET
2. Introduce demand-driven and competency-based curricula
3. Identify and mobilize financial resources for sustainable operations of BVET
4. Strengthen the technical capacity of BVET management, teachers and instructors
5. Contribute to the modernization of existing infrastructure and facilities
6. Enhance BVET as a “center of excellence” and “business and social partner” for employers and community.

The main target groups of the Action are (1) management team and teachers of BVET; (2) current and prospective students and (3) private sector and employers interested in BVET’s graduates.

The major outcomes for these target groups will be vocational school that provides competitive and marketable skills to young people in Barda and surrounding regions- Aghdam, Ter-ter, Yevlakh, Aghcabedi, Beylegan, Goranboy and Aghdash.
The Action will contribute to the overall economic and social development in the region and provide equal opportunities for youth interested in high-quality vocational education.

Expected results:
• A modern school management structure has been created to meet the needs of private and public partners
• Output-based curricula based on competences are designed and implemented.
• The academic and technical capacity of the school's membership has increased.
• Quality management principles have been implemented.
• The skills of the graduates of the BVET correspond to the present day and the demands of the labor market.
• A modern and sustainable financing model based on private and public resources has been developed.
• The educational infrastructure has been upgraded and school membership is using it.
• The BVET is a well-known and visible and knowledgeable and knowledgeable center of social affairs.

Lead applicant, (co-applicants and affiliated entities): Local Governance Assistance Public Union (LGA). LGA has more than 7 years of experience working in the fields of agriculture development, education, VET, and capacity development. It also has strong operational and management system in place to prudently manage this Action and produce expected results and outcomes.
LGA will implement this project in partnership with the following international and national co-applicants:
1. Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus, Vocational Training Centre (Estonia)
2. Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
3. National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers’) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic
All co-applicants collectively bring proven experience in VET management, agriculture, training and PPP; they have been extensively consulted and participated in the design of this Action.
Meeting in Estonia 17.-25.May 2018