Cleaning in Healthcare - CIH

Cleaning in Healthcare
Puhastusteenindus tervishoius – koostöö, standardite ja õppimistaseme tõstmine

Lõpuseminar 7.juuni 2016 Paides. Ettekanded:
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European Commission
Erasmus + Strategic Partnership        
Project number 2014-1-EE01-KA202-00048
Projekti maksumus: 290 341 EUR 

The aim of the Cleaning in Healthcare (CIH) project is to upgrade cooperation, professional standards, and learning. This project focuses on ensuring competencies with high standards and graduates with proper qualifications. It examines the vital link between VET and industry stakeholders and the level of cooperation necessary for maintaining the highest professional standards. We will explore new communication paths between consortium members comprised of vocational schools, educational management organizations, regional hospitals, and cleaning enterprises paths for a well-trained cleaning professional that adequately fill the skill’s gap. Together we will identify through a mapping process those areas needing improvement. We will develop a Competency Framework and a European Professional Standard in Healthcare cleaning by which to frame and govern our educating and employing activities.

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